stray '\302' in program

I have been getting the error message "stray '\302' in program" on the third to last line of my code I'm not sure what's wrong any help would be great. here's the line its stuck on "noTone(8);"


That means that it found an extra character that it didn't expect to find. That's a non-printable character that you probably picked up while copying the code from a web page. Try deleting and retyping that line.

If you have a bunch of those errors you can get a free clean-up here. When you post code here and use code tags like you should, the forum software will strip out all the bogus characters from the code when it formats it for the code tags. Then you can just copy and paste the code back from here and it will be clean of any stray unprintable characters.

here's the line its stuck on "noTone(8);"

Well, clearly the problem is that Mr. Smiley does NOT want to shut up.