Stream 3 audio signals (Piezo sensors) to PC via USB using arduino and PCM1803

Dear community,

I would like to get your help. for a project to my engineering degree, I need to convert 3 analog signals, from piezo sensors, 20hz to 40Khz, then I would like to get this signal in the computer and perform some analysis and produce sound. I got 2 PCM1803 breakout boards of sparkfun (Stereo Analog to Digital converters). Currently I have Teensy 2.0 but I can also get Arduino Uno. I would like to stream in the best quality, 24 bit, 96Khz the signal and receive it in the PC. I am looking at the PCM1803 but I have no idea how to communicate between this board to the Arduino\Teensy. I see that the PCM1803 have I2S interface, but i do not have an idea how to work with it. I will be glad to get any advice, and also, if you have a better solution.

Thanks in advance, Alon