Stream and Receive Audio via Serial RF chips

I am using the pair of RF device from the above link to send and receive Text data between two arduino boards.

I was wondering is it possible stream audio from one arduino and receive in other with the same or similar RF devices.

Any kind of suggestions are welcome.

What country do you want to operate this in? I don’t see any approvals information in the manual.

As their is a protocol involved then it looks like their is not a constant sustainable data rate it looks like it gets interrupted. This will result in noise in the audio signal, unless you are very clever with the buffering. In short it is not as simple as you think.

I want to operate this in India.
As you have mentioned, This device doesn't gives consistent data rate.

Then, If I have a more standard RF device , Is Audio streaming possible?

If so, could you please suggest some links, where i can get information regarding audio streaming using RF devices.

Bluetooth is a Radio Frequency protocol. And if you had any idea the amount of money and time spent getting that to not be complete rubbish for audio, you would understand the challenge you are asking about.

Arduinos are not a good option if you want to handle audio, looking into a pair of Raspberry Pi's will better suit your needs. They can handle the Bluetooth A2DP protocol so you don't have to invent a digital audio compression codec for yourself.

I am making an assumption that the 'audio' you want is more than simple beeps or buzzes, but you didn't give useful information in that regard.

Yes, By Audio I meant not only beeps and buzzers, but musics and voice . As per your suggestions I will go through about Bluetooth A2DP protocol and Raspberry pi.

I will add some more details regarding my plans:

I want to make a pair of devices which will be kept several 100 meters apart. Now I should be able to converse with the person at the other end using this device.

Two way communications is a whole other ball game. You can only have one transmitter sending at one time, so their must be a way of switching between the two data paths. You have what is known as simplex communications not duplex.

The normal cell phone gives the illusion of duplex communications by clever switching between the two modes.

Several hundreds of meters apart is not going to happen with Bluetooth.