Stream Bluetooth Audio and Serial From a Single Chip


I am currently in the process of designing a portable bluetooth speaker and am in need of some guidance when it comes to choosing the right bluetooth module for the task.

I basically would like to be able to connect to a single bluetooth module in order to stream audio to the speaker and control addressable Led strips built into the speaker via an app using a UART serial connection.

Does this sound like something that is possible? If so, any recommendations for a module that is suitable for this application would be greatly appreciated!

I have found the "SparkFun Audio Bluetooth Breakout - RN-52" which to me, sounds like it would be perfect for the job. But I really am new to this so could be totally wrong! Plus, a big downside being that it is only bluetooth 3.0 and has no option for an external antenna so once inside a speaker cabinet, the range might not be amazing.

Thanks in advance!

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I use a ESP32 combined with an i2s amplifer. You can get a cheaper ESP32 but the sparfun one has built in lipo power management and the regulator can output a decent amount of power.
See my code here for doing bluetooth audio with ESP32. this should be enough to get you going.

Thanks for the reply, this has actually helped point me in the right direction a lot, the ESP32 looks perfect!

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