Stream from OV7670 to TFT 3.5"

Hi everybody,

I am working on a project who will mix my two main passions : My old 1960 Beetle and programmation on ARDUINO.
My project is to add a TFT screen with some supervision on main parameters.

In addition, I would like to test to install a back camera.
So the need is to be able to directly stream the video from the camera to the screen when I will touch a button on the screen.
As additional info, my programming level is quite OK, but understanding a code dedicated to OV7670 is quite out of my competencies.

As I seen a lot of sources saying that it is easier to manage the camera communication if it is equipped with FIFO ship.
So I bought this one (OV7670 FIFOv2):

When comes the moment to test some examples, I was unable to find one exactly on my need, it was either streaming to TFT but only for camera without FIFO, or one example for a camera with FIFO but to stream to the computer. This last example was:

My issue is the following: Program example on ARDUINO MEGA is uploading well. I had to adapt the code on connection to port on Processing program from (line 73)

serialPort = new Serial(this, "/dev/ttyACM0", G_DEF.BAUDRATE);


serialPort = new Serial(this, "COM6/dev/ttyACM0", G_DEF.BAUDRATE);

Then program is running but it is not working and it returns "PANIC! sensor init keeps failing!" after some "retrying..."

I have done the connection on breadbord and checked 3 times connections, no error on this.

For information, I am using this type of level translator:

My questions:

  • Could the level translator be the issue ?
  • What could be the other issue ?
  • Do you know another code example with direct streaming from OV7670 with FIFO to TFT screan ?

Thank you by advance,