Streaming data from 30 sensor-units with nRF24

Hi folks,

I'm in a middle of an critical IoT-project for my start-up company. Creating the sensor-device it self was an important task of the problem that I solved, but now I see that the sensor network is giving me a headache. Honestly, my brain doesn't function from here. Please help me.

I have 30 sensor-devices(all identical copies) placed on 30 machines to collect data from the moving-parts of the machine. They are supposed to sleep as long as the userID is not requesting it to stream data to the Cloud-server.

Sensor device:
1 distance sensor and 20 object detection sensors. 1 digital I/O and 20 Analog I/O.
Board: Arduino nano

I want to stream data to a server requested by the user. So the sensors will be sleeping, but once the userID requests a "wake up"call then the device is to stream data to the cloud server for that particular user.

The challenge is how to collect data in a way that allows for as low-power consumption as possible, since the sensor-devices are running on batteri.

I have considerd nRF24 on each sensor-device to create a local network of nRF devices before streaming to the cloud, but nRF24 only allows for 6 channels. Also considered a solution such as described here : nRF-network but this will awaken a sleeping sensor-device just to pass data from another sensor-device.

Do you have a better solution ??

Thank you!!

How fast do you need to send the data? If not too fast can you send each sensor reading in turn over a single channel? Perhaps as name-value pairs to avoid confusion.

I need 30hz, and the data I want to send is :

Machine ID: 00 - 30
SensorA value: 000-250
SensorB value: 00-99

00-30 = I will only use 2 digits from 00 up to 30