Streaming Data to Serial Monitor From Sensor

Hello, I am suing the code :

void setup() {
  Serial.println("<Arduino is ready>");

void loop() {
 byte rc;
 while (Serial2.available() > 0){
      rc =;
 if (rc < 0x10 ) Serial.print( "0" );
 Serial.print(rc, HEX);

To stream from my sensor (Serial2) to Serial so that I can evaluate the data is being correctly received. However, it seems there is an issue as I am not receiving a certain packet that should be happening every second mixed in with a bunch of raw data. Am I doing something that is incorrect that would cause incorrect data printout?

What sensor are you interfacing with and what software is running on the PC side?

I am interfacing with a BMD101 hear rate chip (57600 baud, 8 bit , no parity 1 stop bit)

I am using both docklight and serial monitor to validate packets coming through the arduino.

When I use putty and have Tx of the chip wired to Rx of my usb FTDI chip I am able to get the correct packets to show up.

Do you have the grounds connected?

@Power_Broker between the Arduino and the chip. Yes, I do.

@Power_Broker between the Arduino and the chip. Yes, I do.

The Arduino, sensor, AND UART-to-USB converter?

I did two separate set ups for Arduino Sensor, and then sensor UART to USB converter.

I would run Serial at a higher baud rate.

@wildbill , Ran it a 115200 and still the same result I am never seeing the correct messages coming through.