Streaming Data to the Internet without a Server

I have no experience with internet communication so please bare with me.

I have a weather station which sends data to an Arduino 101 (this part works great). The weather station is going to be located out in the middle of nowhere so I plan to attach a GSM breakout board to the Arduino.

I want to send the weather data over the internet and collect it with a computer which is connected to the internet.

Is sending the weather data to a server required? Server based projects are the only type of examples I can find online.

  1. Can I send the weather data directly to the computer?

  2. Can I "broadcast" the weather data to the internet like a radio and have the computer "tune in" to the Arduino? (I want to avoid any two-way communication and acknowledge flags and whatever which will complicate things)

You can publish to an online database (SQL), MQTT, or HTTP on Thingspeak. Maybe those words will help you find a solution because there are plenty of examples out there. Hard to believe you couldn't find anything unless you don't know how to search.

By server I meant database.

Can I send data to a computer without first putting data onto a database

EDIT: Maybe "Peer to Peer" is a way to describe what I'm trying to accomplish? Again, I've never tried a project with internet communication so please bare with me. For example, when sending data over a local network you don't need to drop off your data onto a database. Can you communicate directly from device to device over the internet? Those are the type of projects I'm having a hard time finding. Even better if the example includes a GSM module.

You can send it to the computer. But then the computer would be the server. And that would be a less secure method since you have to open up your computer to external connections, instead of just having it poll data on the cloud.

so please bare with me.

I'll keep my clothes on, thanks.

You can easily stream any data you like to