Streaming full hd video arduino DUE

I am using my arduino due for my project and now that i found some possible investors for it, they wish for me to change my 320x240 4"inch display for 24" inch 1080p, to play some video ads. So i am wondering if the due is capable enought for this, or is there like a big screen lcd module that can play the videos itself, when due tells him to do it via SPI/I2C?

Thanks for any help :D

No not possible. Too much data. It should work well on the Raspberry Pi though.

So im back to my first solution: kepp my due/mega for system work and insert a raspberry to drive lcd and touch. This is the best solution?

Can't you do it all on the Pi?

actually i prefer to keep my main program on due since i have it all configured for that one(49 out of 53 digital pins and all analog pins are used, including 2x 8pin i2c pin expander). Also all the wiring and evrything is connected already and dont wanna chance it. Its a couple of thousand € worth project(just in materials) and changing everything for rapsberry would be a nightmare xDD It is much easier to stick a Pi to serial connection and just tell him which pic/video to display and thats it ;D

OK put like that I see. Best of luck with your project.

thk and thk for help :D