Streaming into Arduino

A beginners type question just to see if worth following up.

I have a data stream from a vintage computer game (4 bit) (TMS1000) i have the structure etc and graphs of the out put from the TMS1000.

Is it feasible to set up a Arduino and feed the stream from a physical bus, into it and then make minor changes to output from the arduino back to original physical data bus.

Are there any Stream or similar libraries that would assist with that.


Google tells us the TMS1000 is a complete computer on a chip, so there are NO physical external connections to the internal bus, if there is one. What voltages are you looking at. Is there a clock signal to time to bus signals? The "bus" has to be something particular to the game electronics.

You do not need that. Your TMS1000 is a snail compared to any Arduino. Lets assume you have taken care of the physical layer e.g., via level shifters. In your sketch you read the input signal, apply your transformation and then write the signal to the output pins. Rinse and repeat.

As Paul said, having a clock signal could help synchronize your sketch to the TMS1000.

Did you split the bus? You cannot just write to the same physical bus.

Enough for now, just interested in your comments. Is Labview and option?

World having lots of storms, including here in New Zealand with flooding in some areas currently.

Oops lost large part of my message.
The Hornby Zero1 ;model train controller is what I am using. Which as it is works very well and the only thing I would like to improve the number of locomotive addresses over I can handle that.
has a lot of info and explanations and plus my attachments to earlier message.

The arduino would have a 16 keyboard and be used for entering numbers above 16 say #18 etc

So original keyboard on controller would be used up to #16 and output on the original bus, as designed. The Arduino keyboard will insert ? or whatever info into the pre-existing data base and then return the bus to the railroad tracks for disimination by the loco receiver.
Hope this helps. Apologies for missing this info in original email above.

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