Streaming sensor readings to internet of things

I'm exploring different options that would allow me to stream sensor readings (temp, RH, etc.) from arduino uno via wifi to be recorded/seen on a website. I do not intend to build my own website so I came across "Xively" but wasn't sure if it's free and will do the job.

If you know of a free platform that I can use to monitor sensor readings please let me know :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Make the Arduino a web server and you can view the webpage from a browser. It’s not hard to get it so that you can access the server from anywhere.

I use Thingspeak- its free and as long as you can live with the "update no more often than 15 secs" limit they offer unlimited data retention. The stock graphs aren't all that impressive but you can build your own using the built-in Matlab scripts or use the API to link with other graph services.

Most other services I've seen impose limits based on time or data size.

You can use the thingspeak "React" app along with the IFTTT Maker Channel to do some neat alerting.