Strengthening the arduino community?

I don’t know how many of the people here have their own blogs / websites dedicated to arduino/electronics related stuff, but I was thinking that perhaps it would be a good idea to interlink between the various sites? It’s not like we’re competing (are we?) and the more links to your site the better google finds you, so I don’t see a down side.

Any thoughts?

well, thought for you since you bring it up, start a small site and ask for people to submit their blogs

have you or a script scan the rss feeds for new content and list it as a news blog

once a few people start gathering around, info spreads and articles increase, before long the “community” is all on the same page, via 1 central spot (site for a slowly dieing example)

Is there an Arduino WebRing? I was pretty amazed recently to see they were still around (talk about a “blast from the past”!)…

My personal site (not dedicated to electronics or the Arduino, per se, but I do have some stuff about robotics, electronics, microcontrollers, virtual reality, etc):

You are saying make a huge RSS feed of many different blogs basically? Perhaps. Not exactly what I was going for, but I might look into it - I just got a subscription to a year’s worth of domain (actually, its for a blog, hence my original question came up).

EDIT: well that’s one, thanks cr0sh

You are saying make a huge RSS feed of many different blogs basically?

You are saying make a huge filtered RSS feed of many different blogs basically?


If your site has anything of interest on it you can always link to it from the playground pages. Lots of people do this already.

I’ve seen that page mike, but like I mentioned, I was thinking of having an interlinked community on top of the already existing directory of blogs/sites.