Stress testing atmega 328P

For a project I need to consider the switching noise induced by the micro controller. I will be using the atmega 328p-au (arudino nano) and I want to put it under full load to simulate maximum noise possible. Just like how you stress test CPUs with a benchmarking app such as aida64, prime 95, etc.
I wanted to know if there's a code that already does this and if not, how can I put the chip under maximum load?


The worst test I ever did was using a Contactor relay for auxiliary circuit switching.

For you to have an idea, the I.C. LM555 has been reset at all times, some PIC models have been reset aswell, only the Atmega remained immune to the noise. Note: I have not tested other uC models.

I do not think you can "force" the processing of the Atmega, the biggest problem is the temperature of the chip, so it should be respected the maximum electric current, as described in the datasheet of Atmega.

Processing is relative to crystal, or clock frequency (16MHz), if you want something faster, look for the STM32, like the STM32F103C8T6 (72MHz).

No, I just want the MCU to be doing as much processing as possible while producing PWM signals, reading ADCs, etc ... so there is as much switching noise as possible!