stretch WiFi Manager outa its limits

Hello amazing people! ya,i get it,we do often use wifimanager to give our nodeMCU ssid and pass externally.....that shows we can provide data to nodeMCU,used in its coding,even if we dont have no internet connection for it....Now can we do this: sending many kinds of data to NODEMCU,what about a code fragment like some function ( :confused: am i asking for too much)...ok lets start from api key....could you people please suggest me a way to send api key to ma microcontroller the way i send it ssid using wifimanager or whatever.. ""WARNING"": i am a moron and a bit dumb...please dont just prompt me with a hint for i ma critical newbie..

sabishaw: i am a moron and a bit dumb...

Your English is very difficult to read i am not even sure what you want, but i can tell you that you can pass all sort of info to the ESP, with which a 'program' that is already on it, can do something.

Thanks Deva_Rishi... could you please tell me how can I do that.. heres what I want: I want my esp to act as a server to which I would send API key as its client...then I want my esp to act as a station and connect to internet and got to api website(like thingspeak),using the api key it would load data to the website... it actually is analogous to wifimanager thing you taught me before....where esp takes new id and pass,if last wifi connection isnt avaliable for it........and then we know what happens....I hope you understand .... Above all......damn thanks for being there always

Doesn't sound hugely complicated, you can make the ESP act as a server, host a webpage on it and from that webpage if it receives data from the user extract that data, and use it to login as a client. Step by step. set the ESP up as a server, let it both run in AP & STA mode from the start, and create a HTML webpage with a form to enter the data you want to obtain from the user.

thanks Deva_Rishi i ma newbie (and a moron as i mentioned before :D :D ) could you please refer me to an example or blog which can teach me this step by step.....for i understand the solution you tryna gimme.....but I can understand HTML not write for i was in touch with HTML before mughal empires :) :) ...... I hope you are understanding what i ma tryna say

here is some basic info on HTML and this is an explanation about forms

what i ma tryna say

tutorials on hosting a webpage on an ESP and on using an ESP as a client to vist a website you should be able to find no problem.. Google is your friend (there is all those guys sitting in offices asking their wives for the questions you have..)

there is all those guys sitting in offices asking their wives for the questions you have..)

:) :) :) Deva_Rishi you are damn funny such a nice person.....i go for links you gave me...Thanks