Strike lock

Hi guys I'm not too sure if I'm posting in the right area but here goes...

I'm looking to find out if there is a good kit for setting up an arduino run door strike lock that doesn't include a servo. I would like to have a firm and strong door lock internally in the door not attached to the outside of the door. Does this make sense?


I've used what's described at...

... in two locations for many years. And the fact that they work alongside the traditional lock means that I can use an old fashioned key when the electronic one isn't working.

Downside: You do have to accept that you'll be using the sort of door which can be locked simply by pullijng it shut. Not a deadbolt type. But a good one has "a little thing" that means you can't open the door with a credit card!

Mechanisms not cheap, but prices vary enoromously, and I didn't pay for an "expensive" one. In today's money?... maybe $45?

Took a few tries, but finally "electric door latch" worked at Amazon. The £17 unit looks like what I've used at one house all these years. They aren't "clever", so they don't NEED to be expensive, to be good.

You DON'T want the one that uses the obvious solution- using a solenoid to pull back a bolt. Things like....

($24) are The Way To Go.

Beware your household burglary insurance, if such things bother you. Some require that forced entry must be shown, and if an electronic lock is in the equation, they may claim that burglary not proved. Be sure to break that window from the outside in. Police notice if the break was from the inside out.

Thanks heaps I will look into these and try and find an option that works for me. Really appreciate your explanation and advice. Thanks heaps