String and string new data type

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What is the different between "String" and "string" data types

In the above first word letter S is upper case and nest word s is lower case

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A String is an object you create from the String class. It has a number of class functions that you can use to manipulate the character data. A string is a data type that is constructed from a char array. C strings are always terminated with the null character ('\0'). Because C strings are not an object of a class, a "family" of string processing functions (i.e., str*() and mem*()) are available for you to use in lieu of class member methods. You can see most of the C string functions at:

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Please advice how does following code print after two new lines

Serial.println("\n\nString toInt():");

It has two new line command \n \n

but all are constant string

Please advice

Serial.println() prints one newline "\n\n" prints two more newlines

There are a number of special characters defined for C, and they are introduced with a slash. If you google "C escape sequences" you should be able to get a complete list of them (e.g., Beginning C for Arduino, 2nd Ed., Table 10-1).