String Concatenation & Output

Hiya folks.

Just wondering how to get a bunch of feedback to the Serial Monitor. I have floats, integers, and strings, and want to output something like this:

String myOutput = "alpha: " + String(alpha) + "/bravo: " + String(bravo) + "/charlie: " + String(charlie);

I've been trying to coerce everything into a single string but that hasn't worked. Any pointers on coercion and syntax rules for String output? I'd like to have a look at my variables every second or so through the loop.



String myOutput = "alpha" + alpha
myOutput = myOutput + "bravo"
myOutput = myOutput + bravo

This works. It might not be the fastest way, but it works. But if you want to print tothe serial port, why don't you just do


Hi there. The problem with the latter option is that it comes out on different lines. I want to provide all information on a single line. Also, this doesn't work:

String myF = "R1" + R1; // invalid operands of types 'const char [3]' and 'float' to binary 'operator+'

R1 is a float. So I tried coercing float R1 to a string using:

String myF = "R1" + String(R1); // doesn't work

Not sure how to just bring everything into a string.

The problem with the latter option is that it comes out on different lines.

No, it doesn't. Serial.print() does not send a carriage return/line feed, so successive Serial.print()s are all on the same line. Serial.println() does send CR/LF, so is used for the last element of the line.

Oh I completely missed that! OK then, I'll give it a whirl. Thanks for the heads up. I should study the Reference some more. Heh.