string functions : convert byte array to string

how to convert byte array to string ?

It's the same thing really, unless you need a null at the end.

Can you give us a little more context? What exactly are you trying to do?

Thanks for answer. Im a vb programer , dont know so much about c.

In short I just want to send a servo value from pc to arduino. Eg 120

Or even better a kommando string like "setsrv1=120" and then on aurdino board separate them. so if kommando="setsrv1=120" then read out the last digits and convert them to int and send them to servo.

But it would be a good help just to send the number 120 and recieve it in aurdino as an int variable . The sending application is no problem.

Thank you very much

I just want to send a servo value from pc to arduino. Eg 120

I posted some code in this thread that lets you send serial commands to Arduino to control multiple servos.

perhaps you can use the serial decoding method in your sketch

Thank You very much. I appreciate this help so much. Your code was very instructful and it really got me started in c Arduino programing. Now my first program to play around with an servo is ready The zip file contains both Arduino source and Visual basic source and exe to send commands to Arduino. its not beautiful code but it works. se also I dont know how to post code on this forum so its in a zip file on my own website