String.indexOf and forward slashes

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Does the mystring.indexOf() function supports search strings that contain forward slashes?
In my program I just try to find the index of a closing XML tag, from an XML request I extract from a UDP packet. Below is the statement :

intPosB = strUDPMsg.indexOf("");

Enabling this statement - although not executed when no UDP packet is received - causes garbage output via the Serial connection.
Enabling the following statement has no influence :

intPosA = strUDPMsg.indexOf("");

So, I suspect the indexOf function of the String object cannot cope with forward slashes in the search string. Could somebody tell me how to escape this properly?

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Could somebody tell me how to escape this properly?

Doesn't the standard escape character () wortk?

It’s always nice to make a test case which proves your point. I made one which disproves it:

void setup ()
 String strUDPMsg = "<request> hi there </request>";

int intPosB = strUDPMsg.indexOf("</request>");

Serial.begin (115200);

Serial.print ("intPosB = ");
Serial.println (intPosB, DEC);

void loop () {}


intPosB = 19