String Manipulation help

I'm printing out to a LCD and i'm creating a system involving a password. Printing out to the LCD is the easy part. I need to creating a 16 character string then put the string array into a loop and have it increment on every key press and store the character into the incremented string array position. Then when done compare the string to the static password string.

To me it seemed fairly easy but I'm having trouble with it.

Do I need a library to do this? I would also think that this might be common enough to have some simple code of sting manipulation and comparison, no?

Help plz

I finally found it. In case others care here is where......

In libraries, at the bottom in utilities there's the String(formally textstring) library. Once you download it, open the Boolean equals example and it shows you how create the string and then compare it to another string. Good job example code.


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great that you posted the solution :)