string to char, or another method

Hi, Hi friends, I am new to arduino programming and I have a problem like this. As in the following example, the RF verifier converts the incoming data to an individual string, passes it to the message variable, has string data in the message, and I can use it as a string. But how can I synchronize a string message with a char * plate ? As the following is the * plate = message, it gives a string-char data type error,

I mean, I want to send the message to the plate, do I have to convert the string back to char to do this, or should I transfer the incoming data to the plate variable without doing any joins? What functions can I do

if (vw_get_message (buf, & buflen))


for (i; i < buflen; i ++)

c = char (buf [ i ]);
s = string ( c );
message + = s;


Serial.println (message);


Const char * plate = message; // ???

Const char * dplakalar =


for (x = 0; x <len; x ++)

if (strcmp (plate, dplakalar [ x ]) == 0)

Gecerli_Plaka ();

Can you comment out the problem line in your code, correct any other errors as necessary to get it to compile, format it nicely with the inbuilt formatter, then repost the whole program between code tags here.

But how can I synchronize a string message with a char * plate ?

Don't even try. Forget that the stupid String class even exists. Use a char array. Oh, wait, you already are (almost). Make buf one element larger, and add a NULL to the array at the buflen position. Now, you have a string (lower case s). You may need to cast buf, using (char *), if it's type isn't array of char (it could be).

Hello, I delivered the project and got the degree, thank you to the helpers, arduino forum, as good as sharing :slight_smile: