Strings library for IDE 0018

Is there a strings library for 0018 or compatable with 0018?

I am working on an idea where the Arduino will communicate with a Telephone Switch to get Switch status and where necessary light an indicator light or sound an alarm where applicable.

1) Arduino sends string to Switch (Electronic PBX with serial link). 2) Switch replys with information. 3) Arduino analyzes reply for key words. 4) If applicable one of three lamps are illumiated and a bell rings. 5) If Arduino can not establish connection with Switch alarm occurs.

Would also like to tie in serial LCD to display messages.


How much effort did you put into looking?

Look at the bottom of this page:

Yes I did see that but it only mentioned Arduino 0015 and being new to this I was not sure about forward compatability.

Since the IDE is up to 0018 I was not sure if it would work.


The documentation is out of date. It will all work with 0018.




Thanks. I will give it a try.