Strip CS8812 (12v) comments


Just testing some strips for a project here, and I was testing the "new" CS8812 based strips. Some might get some headache looking at what is happening, and I want to share my findings.

The reason I would like to use this strip is it's 12v... meaning less amp, cause it will be on battery only, then longer duration.

But CS controller has its own light show integrated. If no data are coming for max 550 ms, ( just tested myself here.. ) then it take over the control of the leds, starts its show, until new data are coming.

I am using the dma mode of NeoPixelBus, just be sure to call, if no data need to be updated for a while, strip.Dirty(); strip.Show(); at least every 500 ms. ( only won't work, the lib test the dirty flag).

just sharing my "lessons learnt" the hard way ;-)