You won't believe how hard it is to source Stripboard here.

Regardless - what is the maximum current limit a stripboard can be expected to hold without dissipating too much energy at 12 volts? This board will be held in an enclosed box underwater, so all power considerations would be taken into account.

What if I solder thick solder lines along a strip?

I wouldn't put more than 500mA through strip board. The best way of upping the rating is by soldering a length of tinned copper wire on the back. The trouble with just solder is that it thins out round the holes. If you push 10A through it the thing just vaporises.

Where is "here"?

Hong Kong, i'll stick with RS Components.

All everyone has is the board with holes, and nothing else.

I guess i'll keep distances between IC Power supply and the motor to a minimum, and ... yeah. Solder ground wires between pins of VSS.

I'm planning to run 1.9A bilge motors, with a stall current of 2.5A through a IC such as a L6206 or L6205. Trying to find one with an internal charge pump to minimize external gadgetry.

Or something like that.

Or even a LMD18200. Bit expensive, but it can run two motors at the same time, and 5 would be enough for all my needs, and it has an internal charge pump. And a smallish heat sink, I guess.

Any idea if this type of connection will fit into perfboard?

will fit into perfboard?

Well yes and no. The pins are 0.1" apart which will fit but the second row is staggered by 0.05" so it won't go nicely in without a careful lead bending job.

That was a stupid mistake by the original PCB designer. What a wally!

That was a stupid mistake by the original PCB designer

I assume you mean chip designer. If so then:-

No, these things are not meant for strip board the are meant for PCB layout and this stagger spacing is very space efficient. Sadly for us the electronics industry is not driven by hobbyists with minimum construction abilities.

Drat, my evil plan was foiled.

Okay, i’ve ordered a ATMega32, and discrete components enough. Woud you be able to make an educated guess on whether the serial signals from an arduino would be able to travel 10 meters down a CAT5 cable without too much corruption at 9600 baud?

Well it’s TTL so 10 meters is a long way. It depends on what is receiving the signal, something with a decent threshold and some hysteresis might just work but it is touch and go. If you have trouble then try a pull up resistor at the receiving end.

Its another arduino, but I have a RS485 encoder here from Maxim anyway - I was wondering if it was possible to do without it.

On a second thought, for the "will it fit into perfboard" bit, I will need to bend both leads further than normal operation and drill a small hole in between to remove copper tracks?

drill a small hole in between to remove copper tracks?

Well it's not a hole, that is it doesn't go all the way through. I normally cut the strip with a sharp blade either side of the holes. Or if I want to use all the holes, the slightly more difficult task of cutting two close together cuts and lifting the copper in between.