Stripping IDE?

I am using a program (mBlock scratch) that has the arduino IDE integrated inside of it. Altogether the installed program is 426 MB and just the installer is 143 MB. I want to reduce the size in any way I can find. I eliminated a lot from the scratch part of the software, and I would like to reduce the arduino IDE also if possible. Here are arduino folders with their size. Any ideas if any of these can be reduced?:

/hardware 177 MB (all necessary?) /java 150 MB (that rt.jar file is huge?) /reference 29 MB (I assume I can delete all .html and .jpg right? /lib 18 MB …

Any ideas on what is safe to strip out of arduino IDE? Note that it is an old Arduino 1.6.5 and that can’t be changed easily as it is integrated with the whole scratch program.

Thanks, Drew

Why that. Still using Win95 and a 20Gig hard drive? Programs always come with a shipload of useless crap, but does that bother you. Leo..

/hardware 177 MB (all necessary?)

That folder contains the files required for the Arduino AVR boards (Uno, Mega, Leonardo, etc.). Some 3rd party AVR based hardware packages reference files from that folder. If you aren’t using any of those boards then you should be able to delete it. I would recommend against deleting the file platform.keys.rewrite.txt in the root of the folder.

If you have updated to a new version of Arduino AVR Boards then that folder may not be in use. It’s possible that the tools are still being referenced by another package though.

/reference 29 MB (I assume I can delete all .html and .jpg right?

Yes, that’s only used for help. It’s the reference pages from the Arduino website so you can always just go online for that information. It is possible that some newly added information on the website will not apply to the old IDE version but that shouldn’t be a problem very often.

I am making a distribution installer, so trying to reduce the size for that. Not to make smaller for running on my own machine.

I am running arduino Uno, so I guess I better keep the /hardware folder.

But I will empty out the /reference and /examples.

Any other advice for reducing Arduino IDE size appreciated. Thenks, Drew

There are some programs in hardware/tools/avr/bin that aren't used. You should be able to delete any file that's not mentioned in hardware/arduino/avr/platform.txt. There are also some at hardware/tools/avr/avr/bin. These programs can be useful but most likely not to someone using Scratch.

/java 150 MB (that rt.jar file is huge?)

Arduino "gave up" on expecting a PC to include the "right" version of a Java runtime environment, and has been shipping the IDE with a full copy of its own. If Scratch also uses Java, perhaps you can get them to share an Java runtime. Or if you can count on it already being present on the target PCs...

hardware/arduino/avr/firmwares can probably be deleted. (the wifishield sub-directory for sure!) hardware/tools/avr/avr/bin can probably go; I'm pretty sure they're supposed to be hardlinks to tools/avr/bin/... many of the tools in hardware/tools/arduino/avr/bin can probably go (avr-gdb is big; not sure what arduinoOTA is...) Lots of irrelevant chip define files in hardware/tools/avr/avr/include/avr and hardware/tools/avr/avr/lib (But like you said, rt.jar is 66M+, so deleting a few 4M files isn't going to make a huge difference...)

Hmm. Don't delete Examples/Basics/Bare Minimum, or the IDE will hang during startup... I got the installed size on W7 down to about 296MB, compared to 414MB for the original (v1.8.1)