Strobo Modding

Hi, i want to modify a strobo light that i have, now it works with a pot to set the strobe freq. ,i'd like to pilot it with arduino digital signal, how can i do that ?

thats my pcb and the relative scheme i've extracted :

the top red box its an unknown component ... it looks like a marshmallow with red package and 3 wires ( :o :o) ... ill put a closer photo ... the bottom red box its an neon starter (i think) ill put a stupid drawing to let u understand ...

any kind of help would be apriciated

It's a trigger transformer, its purpose is to generate a few thousand volts to strike the xenon tube.

The other component probably is a neon. Neons have a high resistance up to a certain voltage, then they start to conduct.

The circuit is very high voltage so might be tricky to connect an arduino to, you would need some sort of isolation (opto isolator, or maybe an isolation transformer)

ye i know i need some kind of isolation, was thinking a triac or and opto too ... but the problem its where to place it !