strong stepper motor

I am searching for a steppermotor that can pull some weight, i only find little one’s on the internet,
does anybody know a webstore or a place where i can find bigger steppermotor?

The motor has to pull for about 500 gram - 1 kilo,


Stepper motors rotate. They don’t pull. The rotational motion can be converted to linear motion. That converts torque to force. So, you should be looking for a stepper motor that can produce the torque you need. That will be a function of the radius of the pulley or arm you attach to the stepper motor.

So, what radius are we talking about?

Hi diendea,

With enough gears almost every stepper-motor you find can move/pull that amount of weight. Then the issue wil be how fast. Maybe you want to read something about torque. That is how much weight on what length of arm. That is something that is in the datasheet of the stepper-motor.

Hope that helps,


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