Struggling with Menu Design

Hello everyone,

At the moment I have a problem with my code which does not count the push buttons that I've pressed. Normally, in main loop, there is no problem with it, I can navigate easily but when it comes to the sub menus that I've decleared in each function; I can't navigate while those functions (like void systemSettings() on the code) run, so can you show me the right way to do it if there are logical problems in the code? Besides I have another problem, Login() function does not working and setup just canalizes directly to the main loop, I want to know what is this problem as well?

Thanks for your concerns

so can you show me the right way to d

We'll tell you how if you will wear a blindfold while implementing the changes. You will need to make the changes and test, blindfolded. If the changes don't work, you'll need to pound your Arduino into oblivion.

If you don't want to accept that challenge, then POST YOUR CODE!