Stuck arduino sketch for external WDT testing

hi everyone,

I am looking for a program that will be stuck or freeze by a trigger for checking of external WDT unit.

any idea for that ?

Dedicate a digital pin.
WDT raises pin = freeze program - while pin high, delay
WDT losers pin = resume program

Ground Pin 4 to cause this sketch to freeze:

const byte FreezePin = 4;
void setup()
  pinMode(FreezePin, INPUT_PULLUP);

void loop()
  while (digitalRead(FreezePin) == LOW)
    /* Do Nothing */ ;
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I am measuring the clock out of the MCU. I need something that can stop the clock ...

I think that Power-down sleep mode stops the processor clock.

Is that reliable enough. Surely you want something which detects if your application is stuck in a loop for a useful watchdog timer response.
Perhaps get the application to toggle a pin with a specific frequency and watch for it changing regularly.

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