Stuck Deciding.

First of all;

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I’m after buying an arduino - however after looking around and researching i found out that there are other models of the arduino i wanted (Arduino diecimila). i found the Seeduino which is supposed to be the arduino on speed? But like i said. im just after getting into the arduino scene and making new projects and stuff.

Which Arduino do you guys recomend? A proper arduino or another model such as a seeduino to play with.


Well that is your first research problem. There are several 3rd party vendors that sell great Arduion compatable boards. They come in all sorts of packaging, some standalone like the ‘standard’ and others designed to pull into solderless breadboards. Some can be had for around $10 cheaper then the ‘standard’ so if price is a factor there are choices.

It really doesn’t matter too much which you choose to start with, as if you have as much fun with it as many of us you will end up owning several versions. I’m waiting to see what the vendors have to counter the Arduino Mega myself and will then proceed with getting one or the other.


Thanks for replying!

Yeah, i really can’t wait to get my hands on one, but i don’t want to get one then be disapointed because another better version was available >:

Honestly, ive wavering towards the seeduino side due to the ‘improvements’.

Have you had any expirience with it?
Is it the same as buying an arduino - can i use the same IDE etc.


I’m familiar with the seeduino offerings, they have a very good reputation around here. I like their choice of smaller connectors and some of their other design choices, like switches for power selection, etc. Anyway they will work fine with the Arduino IDE, you just have to choose in the board selection window and match the processor type that your board has, 168 or 328. Be sure to get a model that uses the 328 as it really has become the ‘baseline’ standard and gives you a lot more program memory for no increase in cost these days.


So it’s sorted - seeeduino it is!

I know the seeeduino has all of the features the diecimila does - which is awesome.

Must say, you’ve helped alot. Thanks!

*** Anyone else have any other opinions/expiriences?

Just wondering Lefty

Be sure to get a model that uses the 328

I can’t seem to find a model with the 328 chip?

would this matter significantly?
if so do you know any sources?

Thanks again.

I would fire off a note to seeed and ask if they are using the 328 now - I wouldn’t be surprised if they were.

I started with a diecimilla(sp) and I was delighted with it. I have a half dozen xduino’s now but that original still gets used. I do like the added features of the seeeduino and I think you’d be happy with it even if it’s still a 168.

For the record I mostly use the rbbb boards now because they’re smaller and less expensive but I would recommend starting with the seeeduino or duemilanova.

I can’t seem to find a model with the 328 chip?

Here it is, I think they just released this model in the last week or two:


Personally i’d get a Freeduino or Boarduino with the DIP chips. DIP chips are great because it means you can use your board as a chip programmer for your own PCB creations :slight_smile:

Thanks Lefty!

Hey Mike

Yeah, i can see that bieng a huge plus! i might consider one of those for a later arduino. (or buy it just for the programming function - only cheap, right!)


Something else i found:

very usefull.

I would also recommend using an arduino with the dip package. If you make a mistake and fry the chip, it is easy and cheap to replace vs replacing the entire board. Mistakes happen especially when your just starting out.

Also the seeedunio doesn’t have a standard barrel jack if you want to power it by anything other than from the USB port.

That said the seeeduino is very nice, the 3.3V mode + standard 0.1" headers are great features.

For my first arduino I’d buy the “official” board with DIP '328. This way you get the “standard” which everyone knows and understands, you can easily replace the chip, and importantly you support the original arduino creators.