stuck help diy 3d prin drv8825 rumba

diy 3d prin drv8825 rumba motherboard stuck help motors I bought just buzzing everything I did right 3 times just to be sure they kind of move back and forth guy on ebay said they would work for a 3d printer there specs Brand: and spec sheet for rumba RUMBA - RepRap
End Play: 80 nanometers MAX at 4.4N
Insulation Resistance: 100 megohms
Actual Rated Input Voltage: 10.4V Mass: 250 g
Full Load Amps: 0.33A Max Input: 6.9W
Holding Torque: 340 mNm Motor Size: NEMA 17
Rated Current per Phase: 0.33A Radial Play: 20 nanometers MAX at 4.4N
Resistance per Phase: 31.5 Ohm +/- 3.1 Ohm Rotor Inertia: 50 g-cm2
Alternate Part Number 1: 17PM-K374BN02CN Step Accuracy: 1.8 degrees +/- 0.09 degrees
Class of Insulation: B Temperature Rise: 80 C Max
Date Code: 2015 Winding Inductance: 71 mH
Detent Torque: 11.3 mNm Wire Configuration: 4 Lead
Dielectric Strength: AC 500 V UPC:
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diy 3d prin drv8825 rumba motherboard stuck help

Thank you for posting details of your motors but you should not assume that we know what a "rumba motherboard" is. Please post a link to its datasheet.

What motor power supply are you using (volts and amps) ?

Have you correctly adjusted the current limit on the DRV8825s?

Try running each motor separately with this Simple Stepper Code. You will need to adjust the pin references to suit your connections. You may also need to set the drivers' enable pins if the motherboard holds them disabled by default.

Stepper Motor Basics

im rewriting marlin now to add the [Gulfcoast Robotics] HEX Screw-In M3 EPCOS Thermistor im new to the tuning thing I was trying to tune the voltage not current wondering why it don't go to 10.5 volts then I read the run on current found the Stepper Driver Vref calculator still brain not all caught up yet but the power supply 360w 30a 12V 30A DC Universal Regulated Switching Power Supply 360W for CCTV, Radio, Computer Project, 3D Printer,LED Strip Lights,Home Appliance,etc: Computers & Accessories

got it guy thanks so much wires that came with kit were not right on the moter side was red blue black green they came blue green red black never ordering through them again man a wasted weekend

Never assume that wire colours mean anything unless you have a datasheet that is specific to the exact product that you have.


it was a kit came with everything in a box motors wires board drivers endstops they aren't wired right either

it was a kit came with everything in a box motors wires board drivers endstops they aren't wired right either

You have my sympathy. That can be a real PITA,