stuck on digital I/O

I am trying to write code that will turn on the light on pin 13 of the Arduino Uno when pin 8 (or any digital pin) receives a high signal
the if statement spot is where I’m having trouble
a picture of the circuits set up has been attached
here is the code I’ve written

int sw = 8;
int ld = 13;

void setup()
pinMode(sw, INPUT);
pinMode(ld, OUTPUT);

void loop()
int val = digitalRead(sw);
delay (100);

if (digitalRead(val) == LOW)
digitalWrite(ld, LOW);

else if (digitalRead(val) == HIGH)
digitalWrite(ld, HIGH);


if (digitalRead(val) == LOW);
This should be
if (digitalRead(sw) == LOW);
if (val == LOW);

It is difficult to see how +5v and GND is wired

There are three main ways to wire a switch.
Study this drawing and compare it to yours.


Also, if val is LOW it cannot be HIGH, and if val is HIGH it cannot be LOW, and val can only be either HIGH or LOW, so while there may be an else, there should not be an else if.