Stuck on "Uploading..." / Mac OS X, Mavericks

Hello All.

I have been using Arduino 1.0.5 just fine on my Mac, even when I upgraded to Mavericks.

However, today, seemingly random, whenever I try to run a sketch that fully compiles (even the classic “Blink”), it gets to 90% on Uploading and just remans ad infinitum. (See screenshot)

Solutions I’ve tried:

  • clean re-install of Arduino program
  • closing the program & re-starting
  • trying Sketches that previously worked (“Blink”)

My default Serial port is the same one I’ve been using for weeks. Nothing’s changed. Any thoughts?


Hmm...lots of unplugging and re-plugging the USB in finally "got" it...this is really weird... any one else have this problem?

Do you connect pin 1 ? you have to remove it.
I face this before...