Stuck on uploading

I have a UNO REV 3,

I took the chip out to migrate it to a breadboard.

The LCD lights up but no text.

I put the chip back into the Aruidno, now it gets stuck on uploading when trying to uplaod a code.

I mistakenly but 9V on the chip, when on the breadboard.

Is it fried?

Is it fried?

Quite possibly. The chip is not terribly expensive, though. Be sure to get a replacement that already has a bootloader, unless you have the equipment and skills to burn a bootloader.

Oh i didnt know that i thought i could just put the chip in and upload :-(.

I presume this is Preloaded?


So when i get my new chip.

I just pop my chip into my Ardunio board and load the code?.

So when i get my new chip.

I just pop my chip into my Ardunio board and load the code?.

No, you also have to shout, "gnarly, gnarly" while standing on the packaging materials that it comes in and doing a chicken dance with your fingers in your ears.

Sounds like fun haha.

okay, so the bootloader is already on the chip.

I follow the instructions from Bootloading your chips OPTIONAL

I would just like some advice please,

I have bought some chips with the bootloader already programmed into them.

My Arduino is a UNO REV 3

Can i reprogram the chip from the USB port or do i need to buy a mains adapter.

If it has a bootloader on it, then you should be able to upload via USB.
The e-bay link seems to indicate it is bootloaded already.

Thank you Cross Roads, i assumed so (Must read before posting)

Im very new to all electronics and the Arduino.

Okay so my chip has a Bootloader on it and i hook it up to the PC.

Put the Arduino software on and upload a Programmer?

Put the new chip in your Uno and program it just like you programmed the chip you fried. When you remove the chip from the Uno to migrate it to your breadboard, do not connect 9v to it and fry it again. You need to power it with 5v regulated power.

Thank you.

i did have a 5V reg, i just put the 9V to the wrong side as i thought i was still using the normal + and - rails, when wiring back up (DOH)

Yes that was a big mistake, im still learning so a mistake is always a good way to learn.

I’ve done that also with 12V.

Yes im back!!!. :-).

Someone could of just said by the chip with the bootloader and load the code and i wouldnt of got confused!