sTuck with ds1820 without using ONE wire


as a beginner I wanted to do temp measurement, I got the ds1820 got it wired as followed: pin 1 to gnd , middle pin connected to analog pin0 (and with a 4k7 to 5v) further pin 3 is connected to the 5v output of arduino one.

somehow it seems I have it wrong, because the readout is always 1023 without any changes if warmed or cold.

Until now it was not possile to find anything about using the das1820 without the one wire tech, thus I am really stuck...

besides could anybody tell me the correct formula for the temp conversion

is it just temp= (read_value/1024)*100 ? also on this somehow I am not able to find anything useful

Or is perhaps the sensor already damaged, and this is why no changes in the values happen?

it would already be enough if you have a link to some tutorial for using this sensor

thx for helping marius

The DS18B20 can only be read with a digital handshake. You cannot connect it to an analogpin like analog sensor e.g. an LM35 or so.

Check this lib - - and its examples.

thank you , this explains a lot

br marius