Stuck with HTTP Get method

Hi Everyone !
I’ve just bought a Ethernet shield and try to discovery it. I’m using the HTTP Get method to send a random data to my php web on my local host. There’s a problem and I do not know how.
When I used :
client.println(“GET /demodb.php?card=1234”)
The website echo exactly card id is 1234. But i want to separate the data to
client.println(“GET /demodb.php?card=”);
and it didn’t work. Can any one explain to me ???

<?php $card = $_GET['card']; echo "card ID is $card"; ?>

The first is a print, the second is the println. Like this:

client.print("GET /demodb.php?card=");

I tried and it did not work :~

So you want to tell us that

client.println("GET /demodb.php?card=1234");

did work but

client.print("GET /demodb.php?card=");

didn't? Both code fragments do exactly the same in the background. You probably should post your complete sketch, the problem is probably somewhere else.