Stuck with which kind of display. OLED or TFT


I have been asking before and was pointed towards either OLED or TFT.

One of the projects is a basic clock.

So "input" on the display is not really needed - as far as I can see. Control would be by buttons.

I've seen a lot of .96 inch OLEDs. I am not sure why they are marked as I2C IIC SPI displays. Are they I2C, SPI or both? (and what ever this IIC is).

I am not sure I really need colour, but if I can get it for little extra cost, I'm ok with it.

So, the OLED displays...... Are those colour or B&W/monochrome?

On this project, a basic time/date would be displayed.

So I am trying to work out which kind of display to use.

Thanks in advance.