Stucks in controlling Output use Ethernet Shield with SD card

Hi everyone, i’m working on a project use Ethernet Shield for reading and writing digital data. I’m using SD card to store my web page, my proplem is about control an pin 6 output with virtual button on web page. When i click on the button, nothing is happen.
In my case, i use PWR function to switch on/off an output.
Can anyone help me ? I’m on my deadline

Ethernet Shield.txt (6.09 KB)

HTML.txt (3.26 KB)

What investigation have you already done to isolate the problem ?
Is it clear to you if the problem is on the HTML side or the Web Server side ?

What happens if you issue this command in a web browser in the same network as the web server:


Does the Led light ?
Do you see the text “Serial check!” in the serial console of the Arduino ?

Why do you have two serial ports? Are you not using an Arduino UNO?:

#include "UART_ARDUINO.h"
UART Nhan;
  Serial.println("Initializing SD card..."); // c√†i ƒë·∫∑t th·∫ª SD
    d = Nhan.read_uint8_t();