Student in need of simple code help for sculpture

Arduino to automate wind powered radio sculpture - PLEASE HELP

Hello! I am new to all of this electronics and programming stuff and would love a little advice.

I am using an arduino to “turn on” a software switch of a shortwave radio- trigered by a voltage imput to an analog pin.
Attached to an output Pin of my arduino is a 4066 bilateral switch which, when HIGH successfully completes the circuit of the radio’s software switch, turning it on!

Thats as far as I got, and i was wondering if anyone would be able to advise me on the next step: To syncronize turning the radio on/off with the imput from the AD pin.

Here’s what I would like the arduino to do:

I have a positive wire from my wind power generator attached to an analog imput pin.
when the voltage from this wire exceeds 4 volts, i would like the arduino to turn the output pin (connected to the radio switch) on HIGH, to turn on the radio.
This output switch only needs to be closed for 300 miliseconds, effectively simulating the pressing of the radio on button.

The arduino only needs to send this short HIGH signal once for the radio to stay on.

I also need the arduino to send another short HIGH signal to the same pin, to turn the radio off when the voltage drops below 4 volts.

Can anyone help me with writing the code for this?

Could you also show me how to make the arduino do all of this in sleep mode? (It is crutial since the arduino will be powered by the wind generator)

I would be so happy!!!

Thank you so much!!!

Everything is rather simple except the sleep mode bit.

I assume you have a small battery to power it in sleep mode right?
It still needs power you know.

Its easiest to skip sleep mode and use a rechargeable 9v or something.