Student Project Guidance

Hi Arduino Users

I am a student studying IT at university, I am currently undertaking my final year project.
I am doing a project that requires me to use accelerometres. I have found that I can connect the Wii Nunchuck to the Arduino and it is possible to program it to receive angles.

I am asking which Arduino I am best buying for my project, I don't want the best one where it breaks the bank, but i don't want the cheapest one where i have limits to the projects potential.

Can anyone help me to decide the best solution?

Best Regards


Hi, welcome to this Forum,

Every arduino probably can read a nunchuck, none will probably limit your projects potential.

I'd choose an arduino depending on the way you want to work.

An Uno is nice in general, easy to plug in a PC and capable of working with shields.
A Nano is nice if you use breadboards.
A mini is nice if you don't have a lot of space and don't need USB.

Since all 3 use the same controller, one isn't really better in handling its tasks as the others.

If you need a load of pins/more memory, the mega2560 is nice, but you can already do a lot with a 32KB variant.

If it's your first project, I would go for an arduino with atmega328-, or atmega2560- controller. Others exist as well, the leonardo with atmega32u4 for example, most projects use a 328 or 2560 though and finding support is much easier.

Breaking the bank, keep in mind arduino is open source, anyone can build&sell compatibles. Loads do and there's a lot of difference in price. You can spend up to 6-8 times as much for the same device, depending on who sells it.
Personally I'm very happy with the stuff I buy from Ebay, it can take a while to arrive, but it's often quite cheap.

Tell us more about your project though, the better you describe your project, the easier it is to give you the best advice.

If you live where you can order from ebay, there are some inexpensive arduino and mega units available.