Student question on if statement not working


I am trying to build a “knight rider” type led setup.

I want to increase it’s delay by increments to a certian point and then have it reset to it’s original delay.

As I have it now, it goes quickly in one direction and then slow in the other.

int timer = 100;

void setup(){
for (int ledPin = 2; ledPin <8; ledPin++){ //sets each pin as output and named ledPin
pinMode (ledPin, OUTPUT);
void loop(){
for (int ledPin = 2; ledPin <8; ledPin++){ //loops ledPin from lowest to highest
digitalWrite (ledPin, HIGH); //ledPin ON
digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); //ledPin OFF
for(int ledPin = 7; ledPin >=2; ledPin–){ //loops ledPin from highest to lowest
digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); //ledPin ON
digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);

timer = timer + 100;
{ if(timer>=700);


The semicolon does not belong at the end of the if statement. The semicolon ends the statement and the next statement is executed unconditionally.

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Thank you for your assistance

You should forget about using delay() in your sketches.
There is an example called Blink Without Delay in the IDE which shows how do timing.

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