student response system using IR remote controls

Hello everyone,

a part of my project is to design and implement a student response system in a classroom or it is also called wireless voting system.

i am planning to use arduino uno to do this but what i am concerned about is the receiver i will need to use in the circuit to receive multiple signals from the remotes at the same time.

any ideas about how to make this come true? what kind of receiver i should use? or am i bound to use several receivers at once?

i am still a beginner when it comes to electronics and programming so a big thank you to whoever helps me out! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Each voter has identical IR remote controls ?
They will ruin each others signals, unless they are very disiplined and 'vote' one after the other...
I would say.. This is a no go.. (Hope I'm wrong)

I would say.. This is a no go.. (Hope I'm wrong)

It's easy to test if you have a TV + some other remote control device like a DVR. Try using both remote controls at the same time. For me it simply does not work.

If token passing is included, it will work but the device given to the students will have to have an IR receiver in addition to the transmitter.

Radios (e.g. XBee) will very likely be a better choice.