Stuff that don't fit in the breadboard properly

I have an Arduino starter kit, which has been my introduction to the world of electronics. I've had it for about a month now. There is some trouble with the breadboard though, there are things that don't fit nicely into it. This is the first breadboard I ever saw and I still haven't used another one. So, I'm not really sure this is a problem with this specific breadboard, or with breadboards in general.

So, I was trying to program some ATtiny45s on the breadboard, using the Arduino as ISP and I've had all sorts of problems with it. You can read about my adventures with it in this thread:,152587.msg1145285.html#msg1145285

As you can read there, the ATtiny45s don't fit in the breadboard properly. I am told that they should. Other ICs don't fit properly either. The ones I tried at least. The optocouplers that come with the starter kit don't always fit. Most of the times one is is lifted up and I have to press them down real hard with my finger, sometimes I need to keep pressing it in order to have a consistent connection. Same story with the H-bridge that comes with the starter kit.

The potentiometers that come with the starter kit are the worst I think. I always have to press them down and they always pop back out.

I thought I'd share.

I think this would be helpful for me, for I am about to buy a starter kit. Now I should prepare for any problem that could happen to the starter kit and enter into the electronic world.