Stumpt on how to enable a COM port for my esp8266 12-e(Solved).

Fist, I readily admit I am a lightweight about this sort of thing but about a year ago I did some extensive work with a coupla esp8266 projects. Got everything working, no big deal. Fast forward to 'now'. Since that earlier effort on my old Win7 system I have a new Win10 PC. Now I can run UNO and MEGA boards, no problem but not ESP8266.

I am using a "HiLetgo New Version NodeMCU LUA" ESP8266.

DEVMGMT shows:

Ports(COM &LPT)
Arduino Mega 2560(COM6)
Arduino Uno(COM4)

But I simply cannot figure out how to install the ESP8266 drivers.

Just read another similar thread. A poster suggested trying a different USB cable. (Never thought of that). Tried it... problem solved!!!

Thanks for taking the time to provide an update. I'm glad to hear it's working now.