Stupid Question... I mean *really* stupid...

Can't believe I'm about to ask this...


... You see on this pic, what are the black connectors called at the end of the sensor/thing cable? And how do you clamp wires into them?

So ashmed that I don't know, but hey.. what choice do I have other than ask?! :)

THey probably have different names but I call em Female Header Connectors. And when you buy them they come with the individual metal connectors separate from the plastic bit. You then attach your wires and then slot the connectors into the plastic bit. Pretty easy - did a bunch this last week.


Ah - I get what you mean about connecting the wire now. Cheers mate.

Still can't find any of the buggers on Maplin/RS/Farnell but will keep trying. Lol.

Right, they are crimp headers.

Not easy to search for though, just tried

Take a look at this:

Maybe crimp housing fairs better:

Blimey that's a long address. I suppose it has all the filter info in it too :D

Molex call them "Crimp connector housings". Look for series 90156 or 90123.

Bingo! :D

Thank you very much to you all. I think 90123 is exactly what I'm after and with that code I was able to find it on RS.

I got the following equipment, and it seems to work reasonably well to create the ends... (it may be me just struggling that keeps it from working great)



Male Crimp Pins:

Female Crimp Pins:

Thanks for the crimper link, most of those crimpers are 3,4,5 even $600 at Farnell.

I use one of these crimp tools for those terminals:

It’s actually intended for Molex KK terminals, but it works OK, with a bit of care.

Do you guys just crimp them? I crimp and solder mine...


I'm pretty sure that is the same connector used on hobby servos--at least the three-pin variety. Judging by some of the other posts here, it looks like you might be after the white connector. Aside from that, the black connectors can be found here:

I buy EVERYTHING from futurlec. I've seen some bad reviews for them, but it's all just impatient buyers waiting for their parts to come from Thailand by post. It is far and away the cheapest supplier of electronics goodies I have ever seen. They don't have minimum order quantities either. So with $50(including shipping), I completely stocked my inventory with everything from resistors, caps(ceramic and electrolytic), inductors, and relays to logic/special function IC's... 100LEDs for $5.. 300 1/4Watt resistors $3...

Now I'd like to clarify--I don't work for them or anything. I'm just a hobbyist that can't afford to pay for over priced supplies.

Cheers P, I think I'll give them a whirl. I'm pretty used to having to wait for products to arrive anyway. :)

they have some good deals, but a lot of it is just slightly cheaper and it takes a while to get here

I dont bother buying normal stuff from them, but if there is some magic deal that just cant be passed up then I would buy from them again

so far that hasn't happened

You can also buy the pins at Jameco male: 145358 female: 100766 and various plastic connector housings e.g. 4 pin: 100803

I fly Radio Control planes and can confirm those connectors are the same as most common hobby servos. Any good hobby dealer will stock them. I have a crimper bought at Radio Shack that does a great job with the contacts pins.

Best of luck,

-- M.S.