Stupid question

I know we always say there are no stupid questions but this one comes very close:-

Sooooooooooo, whatsyerpoint?

Sooooooooooo, whatsyerpoint?

My point is do you think this post is actually a stupid question or does it still hold that there are no stupid questions?

I see worse so often that the question itself seems inconsequential to me.

it's when it goes on for pages of people dropping hints, clues and full blown solutions yet still the OP is flying along unaware that I feel a noteworthy level of stupid has been reached.

You'd think with a name like "bmarconi" s/he'd know better :grinning:

Does anyone remember the kid's toy video camera (Fisher Price?) that used used standard audio cassettes, run at about 30ips to get a low res monochrome image?

Edit: Found it!

Around 'Marconi’s day, or maybe a bit later if I recall, we had slow scan TV, which can be transmitted over amateur radio on the HF band.

Just great for slow people like me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, is an ‘arducam’ anything to do with Arduino, or is it that anything with ‘Ardu’ or ‘duino’ in the name a ploy on sales?

we had slow scan TV, which can be transmitted over amateur radio on the HF band.

Built one of those back in 1973, it had a CRT with a long persistence phosphor to show the image.

But the idea is much older than the, it started in 1957 and was used in the early space probes.

In a similar way I have been living with Epilepsy for more as 40 years and have read tons and tons and tons of info on the subject. I could... see most questions I get about Epilepsy as stupid as well, even.... from some other epileptics, but why would I ?

I rather keep in mind that I know very little about loads and loads and loads of other... subjects and may ask loads of "stupid" questions as well.