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is Buildings a Control my heating system at home. I made a solution AJAX so I can control the pumps and the boiler and see how hot it is right now in the tank. I would like to see how the temperature has changed in the tank for some time back and see when the boiler went and able to control portions and set values when things things to start. Is there any solution to this problem or Arduino too simple to handle this? Do you have any suggestions for solution hear from you


If you also add a raspberry pi and work with nrf24l01+ modules you can wirelessly send back data to the pi and see graphs of the data for whatever length of time in the past you want to.

Data can be displayed on graphs locally with a monitor connected to a pi, or, more likely, remotely via web interface so you can see it from anywhere.

You need to look for IoT projects that can do this (easyiot is one, but there maybe others more suitable to you).

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