Sub-Q Warmer with EVE2-38A 1U SPI TFT

The Sub-Q Warmer is a subcutaneous fluid warmer for cats with kidney conditions that can not drink enough water to maintain hydration.

Sub-Q Warmer

One of us has an older cat with a kidney condition. While she does not need sub-cutaneous fluid on a regular basis, she very well might in the future. At this point, though, it has become impossible to travel with her by air since so much time is spent in travel to and from the actual airplane which added to the flight time is a dangerously long period to leave her without water. Like many cats, she can be shown water, but nothing can make her actually drink it. Food - yes, water - no.

The Cat, Sensi Star

Full Project here:

Open Case with Fluid Bag being heater

Heating Plate

Matrix Orbital EVE2-38A 1U SPI TFT Panel Mount

GUI Interface on the EVE2-38A 1U SPI TFT