Subject: still problems uploading to proMicro

I'm fairly new to Arduino, having got a couple of my projects working. I'm very new to the proMicro.

I cannot get a successful upload of even the "blinkies" test program. I'm running XP home on an Atom based Acer notebook. The drivers for both the main port (COM16 in my case) and bootloader port (COM17) have been successfully loaded and the correct Addon has been installed as per Sparkfun's instructions and forum posts here on this problem. (I'm running V1.0.5 IDE with the Addon dated 24/1/2012) I'm using the recommended double reset press to get 8 seconds of bootloader port access. I'm using XP's Device manager to see that the ports are switching correctly. They are (I'd estimate that COM17 is on for about 8 seconds)

However, I'm finding it impossible to time the port changeover so that I can get the sketch uploaded:

I usually time it too late & get a prompt to choose another port because port 17 doesn't exist. If I leave it a little longer, the IDE reports a problem opening the port. If the upload does start, I get "avrdude stk500_getsync(): not in sync resp=0x3f", which I assume means that the flash contents do not equal the program being uploaded.

Does anyone know of a way around this? Are there any updates to the IDE or Addon that I've missed?

is it possible to pause between the compile phase and the upload phase or to pre-compile & save for later uploading.? As it is, I can't tell exactly when compiling finishes and uploading starts.

Update on my last comment: Still no joy with Windows but very easy with the Linux version.

Running Ubuntu 12.04 Using the standard package install doesn't work, as this installs Arduino V1.0, which doesn't recognise the PIDs for the ProMicro. However, downloading and unpacking the V1.05 gzip file to my home folder works fine. Put the Promicro specific hardware files into a hardware subfolder of the sketchbook folder and then just run Arduino from it's current location. Compiles faster and doesn't seem to need a reset to access the bootloader.

Anyone want precise details of the steps I took, please post a reply.