submersible ROV project collaborator wanted

We are looking for a third member to join our development team to create an underwater ROV. Would you be interested in assisting me with the code development? Right now we have completed the chassis and placement/wiring of components. I have been learning Arduino (C++) and can get individual sensors to function but the real objective is to get everything working together. Like other projects, this will be open source and we plan on releasing all plans and code to the public.

Interesting project. I'd assume it would be best to find someone near you - where are you located?

Close proximity not required. The mechanics/construction will be done in Victoria BC. I will be doing code/electronics testing in Helena, MT. I have all the components and I just breadboard everything up and test the code. The cost of the electronics is relatively low.

What have you got working so far? Is the Pi talking to the gamepad? Do you have a protocol devised for the communication between the Pi and the Mega?

Hey Kuade i had some time trying softare for an ROV i can give you some help so anything you might want kust send a pm..!